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“Lviv illuminated by Heaven”

“Lviv illuminated by Heaven”

Vasyl Pylypiuk has worked for a long time to create the image of his native city and published particularly beautiful photo albums dedicated to this one object. Quite a number of them have come into the world but the subject has not been exhausted. There will arise new issues presenting surprisingly new artistic and meaningful interpretation without negating the previous ones. It turns out the beauty of the city is inexhaustible as it cannot be fitted in the narrow Procrustean bed of perception of the contemporary viewer. So, what is this thing that makes Lviv so inscrutable and immeasurably deep? What artistic values are boiling up in it?

One should note first of all that Lviv was formed by the efforts of many architects, very talented graduates of the academies of Krakow, Warsaw, Vienna, Paris, Kyiv complying with the standards of the European styles.

The plastic richness fostered in Lviv and reflected in its architecture will apparently always affect and fascinate people in a new way. As for such artists as Vasyl Pylypiuk, it will materialize in a large number of publications, tributes to the beauty, youth and powerful aesthetic effect of the unique artistic wonder called Lviv. Today, Vasyl Pylypiuk flew over his native Lviv as a bird. And the whole city is now spread before the eyes. Visible from various angles. Look and enjoy!

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