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Our Brand is popular photoartistic albums, booklets, catalogues, calendars!

Our Brand is top-noch photographer Vasyl Pylypyuk!

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The Publishing Company “Light and Shadow” produces artistic advertisement, high quality colour photoalbums, booklets, calendars, books, postcards, business cards. Dear friends, You can order all these things from our Publishing House, and be sure that the whole world will know about your production.


The 1st international photo salon "Light and Shadow-2009"

The 1st international photo salon "Light and Shadow-2009" Photography in its various forms has changed the face of the press and become a fundamental principle of the visual representation of the world. Therefore, photography art has been established as an original and independent kind of creative work. But most importantly, photography has considerably influenced the way one sees the world. These thoughts were provoked by the photos presented to our first international photo salon Light and Shadow-2009 held under the umbrella of FIAP and with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine and, personally, Minister Vasyl Vovkun. We have 400 participants from 39 countries of the world, who presented 2,455 works.

Price: 100 grn.

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