About Photo Gallery
About Vasyl Pylypyuk

About Photo Gallery

   In January 1999, Ukraine’s first photogallery appeared in Lviv. It was founded by Vasyl Pylypyuk – an outstanding Ukrainian photo artist, the president of the Light and Shadow publishing company, editor-in-chief of the "Light and Shadow" photo magazine, a laureate of the Taras Shevchenko National Prize, an honoured artist of Ukraine.       

About photo gallery

The main objective of the first photogallery in Ukraine is to acquaint Lviv citizens and guests from all parts of Ukraine and the world with the world of photo art and to engage leading Ukrainian artists in creative collaboration. Inasmuch as Vasyl Pylypyuk has founded his own school of photo art at the Stepan Demyanchuk International Economic-Humanitarian University in Rivne and actively researches the development of photo art in Halychyna at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the photogallery is helpful in his pursuit, contributing to the education of a new generation of photo artists and assisting Ukrainian artists in their rise to world fame . This is reflected by dozens of exhibitions of photo artists from all over Ukraine. The photogallery is often visited by foreign photo artists and businessmen who, having seen the exhibits and Ukraine’s prominent artists, get convinced that the means invested in artistic photography will prove fruitful for the consolidation of the Ukrainian cultural space, an integral component of Ukraine’s national culture.

Let us express our confidence: the photogallery of Vasyl Pylypyuk contributes enormously to the promotion of the Ukrainian photo art. Now and onwards.

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